With businesses struggling to find good employees, this story really warms the "hard working values" that mom and dad instilled. Some people just don't get it, or want to get it.

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Illinois police arrested Lindsey Lowery who was dealing meth from a garage, where she lived. Lowery claims that she was allowed to stay at this residence in exchange for selling meth. Huh? Oh, it gets better people.

Illinois Garage Sale Sales Tax?
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When cops arrested Lowery for selling drugs, she told the police that she gave Alison Yates (the garage and home owner) meth to cover her rent bill. You go ahead and sell the meth on our property and give us the meth, and you can stay. How sweet! SG

Let's take a look at our dealer:

St. Clair County Police Department
St. Clair County Police Department

The actual quote from our beauty queen about the difficulties of her job:

"Lowery stated selling methamphetamine is hard work."


Preach, sister. There's coupons, the whole BOGO thing, what about the return policy? Is there an expiration date on that stuff? man, so many tough meth questions for this sales genius. Question...is it like a "garage sale" like are there little orange stickers on the baggies?


Lowery got locked up in the St. Clair County jail with bond set at $100,000. I mean, she has a place to stay now so that's good...and she doesn't have to sell anything to stay there.

Lowery faced three felony narcotics counts for her at home business.

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