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We just did a story last week about a woman that has bag after bag after bag of drugs stuffed "inside" her. Now a story of an Illinois woman that had a LOADED gun buried deep.

Anika Witt was busted for drug and gun possession near Bloomington, IL. Anika had heroin and Ecstasy in the car and gun inside her. Yep, I said that...inside her.

Anika was traveling on I-55 when her and a male friend were pulled over. The search of the vehicle led to the drug bust. But it was a "strip" search of Witt that got her in big trouble. They couple were taken to the county jail where a full body search was done, and a gun was found "hiding."

A .380 caliber Kimber handgun, was found with a bullet in the chamber, in her chamber. WTH! The bags of drugs thing was terrible, but a loaded gun? Are we really talking about this again?

McLean County jail
McLean County jail

She seems pretty relieved, or happy or, I guess this mugshot.

Anika is going to have plenty of time to think about things. Sentenced to two years in state prison, her hidden gun trick and drug charges could land her a total of 15 years behind bars.

The magician act didn't work, what a moron,

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