When she got pulled over for a DUI, a woman from Illinois gave the police a driver's license with a fake name on it.

With modern crime forensics, it's very difficult to get away with breaking the law. The detectives are going to eventually track you down.

I guess this woman didn't think about a little thing called DNA.

According to nbcchicago.com,

"A woman who allegedly used a fake name to obtain a second drivers license is accused of driving under the influence. She was driving at 67 mph in a 40 mph zone and cutting off traffic. 

"When an officer smelled alcohol on her breath, he asked her to step out of the car and she almost fell to the ground. The suspect gave the officer a fake name and said she was driving back from a club where she works. She failed a sobriety test and blew a 0.12% blood alcohol level."

"Fingerprinting at the police station confirmed her real name. Investigators learned that she has six alias names, five alias dates of birth and four alias address. She had two separate driver’s licenses, both revoked and an active drunk driving warrant."

“Fingerprints don’t lie the police chief said in the statement. She was able to beat the system for a while by changing her name and birth dates to get licenses that were valid until she was arrested once again. She has not had a valid driver’s license since 2012."

I think all of her fake personalities will end up in jail this time.

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