There are moments when people are taking photos or capturing video at the most inopportune time and it's not always on purpose.

This moment, in particular, could be argued the camera operator knew exactly what they were doing. Unfortunately for a woman in Durand, this moment continues to haunt her five years later.

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(Note: I got full approval from the woman involved before sharing this incident with even more people, making the audience size even bigger.)


It is anything but surprising to see a large presence of Chicago Cubs fans at Miller Park (now known as American Family Field) when the team is visiting the Milwaukee Brewers. In the see of ugly Brew-crew colors, the red and blue Cubs clothing is very noticeable.

If you have ever watched one of the games between the two teams on television you'll often notice camera shots of the visiting fans, sometimes seating next to a brewers fan. There don't appear to be many Brewers fans near the woman who was about to be caught at the wrong time on camera.

Chrissy R., of Durand, Illinois, was enjoying the Cubs vs. Brewers in Milwaukee when she had a little tickle in her nose. Little did she know it was about to be caught on camera and live forever in digital form.

(By, the way, I would have likely never spotted this photo had her husband not shared the memory on Facebook. Yes, it was an unfortunately funny moment from 2016.)

Photo Used With Permission

Chrissy says she was about to sneeze and was not picking her nose. We'll let it slide.

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