This woman in Illinois must have been really hungry because she called the police after it didn't arrive at her house.

Using Food Delivery Service Can Be Great Or Frustrating

Personally, I gave up on getting my meals delivered years ago. It would take a long time and usually arrived cold. Plus, things would be missing. Basically, a huge disappointment. For me, it's just faster, easier, and more reliable to go pick it up. I know the system has grown and improved drastically over the past couple of years with all these third-party delivery services available but there still can be mistakes with your order.

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Illinois Woman Calls Cops About Missing Pizza

The Perfect Time To Order Food Delivery

I can totally understand the situation. You're hungry, there's no food in the house, and you can't leave. That's the perfect time for food delivery. It's an exciting moment because you can order anything you want. If you have the taste for your favorite pizza, with a couple of quick clicks on your phone, boom, it's on the way. Then if doesn't arrive, total disappointment.

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Illinois Woman Calls Cops About Missing Pizza
Illinois Woman Calls Cops About Missing Pizza

Illinois Woman Calls Police Over Stolen Pizza

There is frustration when you don't receive what you ordered and paid for. Of course, you have the right to complain to the restaurant or delivery service. Hopefully, there's a simple solution to that problem. I can't foresee any scenario where you need to call the police. Apparently, this woman doesn't agree.

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The woman ordered a pizza and never received it. She found out it was delivered to the wrong address. This lady claims it ended up at a working construction site. Then the girl called the police to file a complaint. I believe that should've never been done. It's just a cheap meal. An officer did question the workers and they denied ever seeing any pizza. Nothing could be done from there. Now, she's hungry and looks ridiculous.

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