Is your pantry filled with bunnies and eggs yet? Easter is right around the corner!

This year Easter is Sunday, April 4. If you've been to any grocery store lately, then you know Easter is coming up. Is it just me or do Easter candy aisles hit different? Stores always have sections for holidays, but Easter candy aisles go HARD.

I'd be lying if I said my pantry didn't have a ridiculous amount of Easter candy in it right now. So what are Illinois and Wisconsin's favorite Easter treats? Well, they're both eggs. But they're VERY different. Here's each state's favorite Easter treat according to Zippia -

Credit Zippia
Credit Zippia

White chocolate eggs versus boiled eggs. Which I'm just going to assume are hard boiled eggs? The white chocolate is interesting because when I think easter candy I think milk chocolate bunnies. But apparently Illinois is more about white chocolate.

Wisconsin is a fan of the boiled eggs. Then there's the states that chose Peeps. A disappointing EIGHT states picked the stale marshmallows as their favorite. Apparently Idaho likes them the most out of all those states. But besides the tragedy that is some states like Peeps, where the heck are the peanut butter eggs?

I'm definitely guilty of grabbing a Reeses egg, or 7, whenever I see them near the checkout. So I'm shocked they didn't make the list. And then there's the mini Cadburry eggs, where are those on this list? They're actually one of my favorite candies in general, not just for Easter time.

I guess this means more peanut butter and Cadburry eggs for me!


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