The winter weather finally arrived in Illinois and it hit the state hard but don't worry there's temperature relief in sight.

Start Of Illinois Weather Winter

Regarding the overall picture of the winter weather so far in Illinois, for the most part, we've been pretty lucky. The month of December was nothing. I was grilling out during the holidays but unfortunately, that meant no white Christmas. I am willing to make the sacrifice to have better weather.

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The residents took advantage of those days but they knew it wouldn't last. At some point, Old Man Winter would be making an appearance. I think it was a lot later than expected. We didn't get hit until the calendar changed over to 2024. Of course, it came when everyone was heading back to work and school after the holidays.

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The snow came first. It was over a couple of days and included a blizzard. Where was this white stuff for Christmas? We got several inches in the Rockford area which closed the city down for a bit. Once we got through that stage and everything was taken care of, the second wave hit us. That's the freezing temperatures that we're experiencing right now. I understand it's going to be cold but -30 is a little ridiculous.

Wintery picture of a very cold man with a XMAS vibe
Warm-Up Coming To Illinois

Weather Relief Coming To Illinois

The weather experts are predicting there's relief in sight from these arctic temperatures. I hope they're right because it's been brutal. It's going to feel like a heatwave. Bust out the shorts and tank tops. Isn't it weird to look forward to 30 degrees?

According to,

A big warm up next week means highs back above average on Monday and staying there through at least Friday.


Taking into consideration wind chill, next Monday will feel nearly 70 degrees warmer than this past Monday.

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