Elk Grove Village is considering a ban on the sales of all tobacco products.

When it comes to controversial subjects, tobacco has to be right up there at the top. You're either for or against smoking laws. There's no middle ground.

According to the dailyherald.com, Elk Grove Village, Illinois wants to take anti-tobacco to the next level.

"There is a proposed ban on the sale of any tobacco-related products, including e-cigarettes."

If this proposal becomes a reality, it would be a first like it in the United States.

Of course, health advocates are all for the ban, but what about the community?

Retailers that sell tobacco-related items there are furious.

"A convenience store owner in Elk Grove Village estimated a ban could cut sales by 10 percent. Plus, customers who stop in for cigarettes purchase other items as well, compounding the losses."

They argue it won't stop people from using the products. They will just go to the next town over to buy them. If that's the case, then why try to fight it? The local government earns much-needed money through "Sin Taxes."

Why hasn't any other town done this yet?

"Because 36 million people smoke in the U.S. and it resembles prohibition." 

If they pass the ban, does this violate the rights of tobacco users?

A hearing will take place in December to decide on the proposal. If it doesn't pass, their back up plan is to try and raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco related products to 21.

Do you think the ban will pass? Personally, I don't. There is too much big money involved.

If it does go through, will other communities follow?

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