Old school entertainment returns with silent movies at Illinois theater.

Many Historical Theaters In Illinois

We are pretty lucky here in Illinois when it comes to the theater. Besides Chicago, many of the smaller towns have their own historical little theater. There is the Coronado Performing Arts Center in Rockford, the Rialto Square Theater in Joliet, and the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan to name just a couple. They all host an array of events to keep us entertained.


Do You Remember Silent Movies

I am too young to have attended any silent movies in a theater. The only place I remember seeing them is at Ground Round. They would have a piano player handle the background music. You could throw your peanut shells on the floor there too. It was a fun family activity.


Movie Theater Organs

Many of these historic theaters have a built-in organ that can be raised and lower from the stage as needed. This allows for some interesting events. I have been at the Coronado Performing Arts Center when it has been used. It is a really unique experience.


Bringing Back Silent Movies

Most children today do not have the experience of a silent movie. They only know about the latest and greatest technology which includes IMAX and Dolby. This gives them a rare opportunity to check one out for themselves. They might even like it.

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The return of silent movies is coming to the Arcada Theater in St. Charles. I have been there a couple of times. It is pretty cool. Check out the details below.

Also, for more info, HERE.

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