Well one thing is for sure, there's definitely no shortage of Stink bugs around here. They are all over the place in Illinois. I have found several of these stinky culprits in my home in the last 4 months. When I was a kid I was always told not to step on them due to their special musk, so I always stayed away from them. Well, the only good news to come out of the Polar Vortex is that we not have near as many hanging around the midwest come spring.

Lynn Bunting

According to Accuweather, besides bringing power interruptions, and travel nightmares, the Polar Vortex helped us out when it comes to invasive species of insects including Stink Bugs. They say most insects are able to survive short periods of extreme temperatures but the Polar Vortex  might have been a little too much for them to handle. They have stated that the Vortex has probably killed as mush as 95% of the Stink Bug population.

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