It's definitely been a cold winter around here to say the least. Ice ,snow and sub-zero temperatures have been the norm around here for the fast few months. But how much have we gotten when it comes to snowfall totals this season? Well, the Us National Weather service has the answer. Last year at this time we had received over 27 inches of snow, and the normal snowfall amounts are around 27 inches but this year we've had way more than that. We almost doubled it.


So this season as of today we have had 46.2 inches. We've had 27 days of measurable snow. The normal amount is around 19 days. Last year around this time we had 22 days of measurable snow. But that's not it, we've had 15 days with freezing rain and ice as well. It's crazy how the weathers been this year. Two weeks ago we hit the cold weather temp record and a few days later we had a record warm temperature. So as of now we are 19 inches above normal. Only a month and half left to go. bundle up!

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