Astronomers and scientists alike have been talking about Black Holes for years and their shear power. Able to suck up planets and anything else in their way, Black Holes are an amazing phenomenon. We learn more about them everyday but we still don't know as much about them as you would think. According to the Chicago Tribune, today the first real picture of a Black Hole was released and it did not disappoint.

National Science Foundation Holds News Conference On First Results From Event Horizon Telescope Project
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An Illinois professor, Charles Gammie and his team interpreted a bunch of data and they were able to create the picture.The Black Hole in question was in the Messier 87 galaxy which is located in the Virgo constellation. The data will help scientists and astronomers better understand Black Holes as well as gravity among other things. Every year we have better telescopes and technology that help expand our reach into the vast darkness of space and to me this is really exciting.

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