If you thought Rockford roads were bad, wait until you hear about this Illinois highway.

Pothole-Filled Road In Illinois Destroys Several Tires

The one thing I hear residents of Illinois, especially in Rockford complain about is potholes. Our city and state have definitely earned that reputation. Driving down our streets is like trying to avoid landmines.

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I have personally experienced these disastrous roads firsthand. I've lost many a tire at the hands of our evil Rockford potholes. In fact recently, I had a tire rod and an axle break thanks to our wonderful streets here in the Screw City.

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Just when you thought Rockford had to have the worst streets in all of Illinois, another place has taken that honor away. You're not going to believe what happened to a group of poor drivers when they were out trying to have a good time over the weekend.


The incident happened around 9 pm on this past Saturday night. It was in the Schaumburg area which is kind of surprising since that town is known for having money thanks to Woodfield Shopping Mall.

The road in question is Interstate 290 and Route 53 going north at the Higgins Road exit. To put this in perspective, it doesn't matter what day or time, this highway is always filled with traffic which makes this situation rather dangerous.

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25 vehicles suffered flat tires in just a couple of hours in that stretch of road. After an investigation, police determined the cause of the damage was potholes. Congratulations to Schaumburg, you're the new bad road kind of Illinois.

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