An Illinois bill has been passed, that would PREVENT a police officer from searching a vehicle because it SMELLS like weed. MarijuanaMoment

The Illinois Senate voted 33–20 last Thursday to pass the bill, "SB 125."  This will now move on to the states House of Representatives.

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“People—especially people of color—are unnecessarily pulled over far too often, the odor of cannabis alone shouldn’t be one of those reasons. Cannabis is legal in Illinois and it’s a pungent scent that can stick to clothes for extended periods of time.” - Sen. Rachel Ventura

There was a Will County case that got the ball rolling on this one. A vehicle was pulled over and there was a strong odor of marijuana in the car. The driver of the vehicle was arrested. The individual stated that someone smoked it up in the car "a long time ago..."

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So here's the actual wording of this bill:

“if a motor vehicle is driven or occupied by an individual 21 years of age or over, the odor of burnt or raw cannabis in a motor vehicle by itself shall not constitute probable cause for the search of the motor vehicle, vehicle operator, or passengers in the vehicle.” - ILGA


Operating a vehicle under the influence of Marijuana, still illegal. This bill doesn't effect that at all.

This bill still has to make it past the Illinois House State of Representatives.


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