Ready for one of those feel good stories that might make you tear up a little bit? Well here is it.

Illinois Parents Turn Son's Wheelchair Into Halloween Greatness
Deanna Zagotta Alfano via Facebook

Anthony Alfano of Melrose Park, IL. is 8-years-old. He is a little different than other boys his age though as has cerebral palsy and gets around in a wheel chair. His mom says that Halloween is special for him  because it's a day when people can just stop looking at the wheelchair and look at the boy in the costume.

His parents have been dressing him up for Halloween since he was a baby, and they go all out. It started because Anthony's dad has mad love for the holiday and now it's become expected by the community. This year Anthony's costume is going to be his favorite game show, Wheel of Fortune. Over the years he has also dressed up as Elvis, a jockey, the Lincoln Memorial, and a hockey goalie.

To see all the pics of these cool costumes check out the Huffington Post for the whole story.

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