If you're down for a short road trip how about popping by Illinois' oldest bar? The tavern is just over an hour away from Rockford.

The establishment was originally named, "Zimmer Tavern and Wagon Shop" and dates back to 1849. I was hoping for some fascinating stories about this tavern/restaurant. Like, maybe a former U.S. President sipped on a cocktail at the bar but I wasn't able to dig anything up. However, the main bar was recused from "The Great McCormick Place Fire" back in the late 1960s. Based on that fact alone, there must be some stories attached to it, right?

The bar/restaurant is now known as Long Grove Village Tavern, before that it was an ice cream parlor during prohibition. This makes me wonder if there was some speakeasy business happening on the side. I'm not accusing anyone I'm just hoping so for my own personal amusement. Fast forward in time and the building eventually because of a family-friendly bar and restaurant.

The food looks delicious and has been dubbed "the best all-you-can-eat" fish fry and would still be happening currently if it weren't for the pandemic but, based on Long Grove Village Tavern's Facebook, they plan to re-open when legally allowed to do so. But, this shouldn't stop you from learning more about this legendary space. It's also the home of a grandfather clock from the World's Fair back in 1893.

Long Grove Village Tavern is about an hour and 15 minutes from Rockford.

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