A Meatloaf tribute band from Northern Illinois is looking to add a member to their band.

Through my years, I've seen many ads for bands looking for members. They are usually looking for a specific genre. Also, it could be for original music or a cover band. Sometimes it could be a tribute band to cover famous bands like Cheap Trick.

I guess if a band is successful, there is the possibility of a group of musicians that are such big fans that they would want to start a tribute to them.

I've never seen or heard about a Meatloaf tribute band. That means it's an open market. He's sold millions of albums, so there are definitely fans out there.

If you're a fan and musician, then you might be interested in this post. I saw it on Rockford Craigslist.

"MEATLOAF tribute band (Northern Illinois) Meatloaf tribute band in need of key board and/or piano player."

This idea has potential. If they go all out and have a singer that looks, sounds and acts like Meatloaf, this would be a great show.

I would go check it out at a Rockford area club or festival.


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