An Illinois man was shoved in the back of a squad car for safe keeping. He tried several times to headbutt the window to escape. NorthesCambia

Emergency vehicle lighting

OK let's start from the beginning with this bum. The reason this guy was thrown into the back of a cop car was because of an argument over milk. Throw in the fact that this guy isn't too bright and makes super bad choices, we have a headbutting madman!

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Cecil Thomas Bolter was heading to the store with two females to buy milk. Cecil was trying to talk one of the females into buying beer with the money instead of milk. She said no. Cecil got physical and the cops were called.

IL State Police Honor Fallen Officer with Scott's Law Enforcement
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Cecil was taken arrested and but into the back of a police vehicle. The next victim in this story is the police cruisers window. Cecil tried his best to escape the clutches of the law, by headbutting to police cruiser window over and over. I mean the 34th time is the charm, right? The window would have to break, no.

Police lights by night

Cecil also flipped around in the back of the squad and tried kicking his way out when the whole headbutt think failed. This also did not work.

Danger on the road. Blue flasher on the police car at night.
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Cecil began getting physical with the officers at one point, because THAT is always a great idea...

"He attempted to kick myself and the other deputies at which time he was taken out of the vehicle and assisted to the ground where he was placed in leg irons.” -  Deputy Steve Kay

Leg irons, well that sounds comfy.

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Say cheese, Illinois!


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