An Illinois man somehow got a small 3/12 knife into a courtroom...When the guilty verdict was read, he stabbed himself! WIFR

Back in 2018 in Bloomington, Illinois a man was on trial for a sexual assault case. 78-year-old Johnny Icard was sitting and listening to the judge speak, and when the unexpected news came...he plunged the knife into him stomach.

The 78 year old man was representing himself in this case, no attorney...Just Johnny. The judge revoked his bond, and Johnny stated that he had some family functions to attend and wasn't expecting a verdict at that time. So when one was read, Johnny stabbed himself.

The jury had already up and left the courtroom when the 78 year old made this drastic choice. McLean County Sheriff Jon Sandage says Icard used a folding knife with a 3 1/2-inch blade. Johnny was convicted of "predatory criminal sexual assault."

So how in the world does this man representing himself, make it into a courtroom with a knife? There are metal detectors you walk through, the wands, and nothing. The 78 year old made it into the courtroom with a knife, and even though he wasn't expecting a verdict at this hearing, he got the bad news and got stabby.

Johnny Icard was taken to a local hospital by ambulance and made a full recovery.


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