An Illinois man was trying to get away from the police, because he had $22 million in weed and edibles! Fox32


Jesser Oaxaca was in possession of a LOT of weed. Cops were doing a surveillance at a Wood Dale, Illinois warehouse. They watched a van leave the warehouse and acted on this...Following the van. Little did authorities know at that time, Jesser was on a Facetime call with another drug runner...Trying to figure out how to ambush the cops, they knew they were being watched.


The van was finally stopped when it reached a residential neighborhood. When officers attempted to approach the van, two shots were fired at the cops. No cops were struck by bullets, the van took off...let the chase begin.

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Eventually the van crashed into a Bensenville, IL squad car and an unmarked drug enforcement squad car. Oops.

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A search warrant was executed on the Wood Dale Warehouse that cops were keeping a close eye on, and here's what they found...Hold on tight, this is a lot!

  • 40 pallets of vacuum-sealed cannabis totaling more than 7,600 pounds
  • Approximately 406 pounds of cannabis edibles
  • 6,891 THC cartridges
  • More than 700 grams psilocybin mushroom bars
  • $107,000 cash
  • An AK-47 and 9 mm ammunition

Wow, is that all? All together the estimated street value is around $22,000,000.

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Seriously, 406 pounds of weed edibles? That is my favorite part of this story! That's a whole lotta cookie and gummies, my friends.

"The Illinois State Police, along with DuMeg and our other partners in law enforcement, continue to bring violent drug traffickers to face justice." ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly


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