This fella is...interesting. Don't do drugs people. They will moo-ve you to do something not smart. FB

Getting busted for drug, and guns and cash...that's one things. It's always fun to read about the amount of crap these people have on them. That's one part of this, but it's the mugshot that will blow you away.

Kewanee Police Department
Kewanee Police Department

Cops were called for a burglary. This dude was caught with multiple drugs, weapons, and stolen items. Here's the total list of the good:

  • 2.5 pounds of cannabis
  • 2 ounces of cocaine
  • 1 ounce of hash butter
  • Hundreds of rounds of ammunition
  • 4 handguns
  • 1 shotgun
  • Polaris UTV
  • $8,800 in cash

The Polaris ATV, really dude?  We will get to that in a sec...Anyway, that mugshot...What was he thinking with the cow tag? Quite the fashion statement.

The homeowner called the cops witnessing the break-in on security cameras and dude's POLARIS ATV parked in the yard with a shotgun sitting on it. So that was his getaway vehicle, an ATV?

Dillon Schilling likes stealing things, and cows...apparently? He was ready for a rowdy night on his ATV. Steal some stuff, do some cow tipping...PARTY!

The entire write up is like something out of a movie. Maybe Steven Segal or something:

Piercings are still a pretty big thing. The occasional nose ring, maybe two or three in the ear...But a cow tag? That shows...something, I don't know what. I wonder what his prison "friends" will think?

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