Doing two things at once can be a chore. Walking and chewing gum, Zoom meeting and eating, driving and...anything. This northwest suburban man took that whole "two things at once" thing to a higher level. HuffPost

Steve Nusbaum was flying his personal aircraft when he decided to make a sudden landing, on a farm. This son was watching and knew that something was was wrong.

It turned out that Steve had a heart attack in the air, and was able to safely land the aircraft. How bad were things for Steve? When the first responders arrived on the scene, they needed to give him two shocks from an automated external defibrillator to keep him alive, wow!

When his son ran over to the aircraft to check on his father, he had the seat back and Steve was laying down. Imagine having the strength and awareness to land this aircraft as he was basically dying!

More good news was that the following day, Steve was reported in stable condition.

This is just pure adrenaline and passion that "flew" this man to safety. The whole "fight or flight" knowing that you can fight this and make it through, or simply let the situation win...and basically pass away. Imagine the horror of his son watching on, knowing that something was going on with dad in the plane and there was NOTHING that could be done. So glad there was a happy ending.

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