False Teeth were taken from an Illinois man after he left them on his bedside table.

I enjoyed going to my grandma's house as a kid. One of my funniest memories is she always had her dentures in a glass of water sitting on her kitchen counter. I asked one time why she did that. Her reply was so she didn't lose them. Plus, they were always where she needed them to eat. It seemed like a reasonable answer to me.

A gentleman from Peoria, Illinois liked to keep his false teeth on his nightstand. Unfortunately, that might not have been the safest place because they ended up missing.

According to pjstar.com,

"A man told police his dentures were swiped from his home. The 68-year-old said an “unknown subject” stole his false teeth from a nightstand next to his bed. He is not sure who could have taken the teeth. He said an acquaintance of his was at his house, but he was unsure if she took the teeth. Police wanted to discuss the missing dentures with the woman. However, the victim did not know her address or phone number. The false teeth are valued at $400."

Stealing someone's teeth is such a low blow. Couldn't she have just stolen his wallet?

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