A Peoria man has been robbed of 50 baseball hats and 800 $1 bills from his house.

I sometimes think nobody will ever want to break into my house because I really have nothing worth stealing.

After seeing this story about what happened in Peoria, I'm worried. Some thief might want to take all of concert shirts.

According to pjstar.com,

"A burglary cost a Peoria County resident 50 baseball caps and 800 one-dollar bills."

It might seem strange that someone would go to all that trouble to steal hats, but they've gotten expensive. They're valued at $2500.

My question is why did he have 800 $1 bills? Does he work as a Chippendales dancer?

Currently, there are no suspects in the crime but there is partial security footage.

Hopefully, they will catch the cap bandits.

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