A man in Illinois was busted with forty-two pounds of chocolate containing cannabis.

Even though weed will be legal in our state next year, that's not going to help this gentleman. This goes way over the allowed amount.

According to abc7chicago.com,

"A suburban man who, according to his defense attorney, bought over 40 pounds of drug-infused candy to self-medicate as he battled cancer, was sentenced to four years in prison."

I love it when someone is busted with a huge amount of pot and they use the "personal use" defense. Sorry buddy, but that's way too much for one person.

When I first read the headline "Montgomery cancer patient sentenced to 4 years in prison over THC-infused chocolate delivery," I thought to myself, leave the poor guy alone. I read the story and realized there's much more to it.

They had evidence to prove he was a drug dealer. Officers later searched Franzen's home and found cocaine, over 100 additional grams of marijuana and other items used for drug dealing. They allegedly found a digital scale, $2,000 in cash, ledgers used to track drug sales and packaging materials."

With his health issues, "they dropped the more serious charge of drug trafficking that carries a minimum sentence of 12 years."

Hopefully, he's learned the difference between personal and dealing.


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