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We all handled the stress, anxiety and unknown of 2020 in our own way. Some ate, some drank. I guess Illinois fell into the drinking category.

MLIVE tells us that Illinois came in 6th as the most alcohol consuming state in 2020, congrats!

Michigan went all in on the boozing in 2020. The Average Michigander consumed 18 drinks per week, which adds up to 956 alcohol fueled cocktails for the year. Hope the Flint, MI folks didn't add any water or ice to their drinks. The scary part, Michigan came in 10th, (burp).

The top ten drinky states are as follows:

  • 1. Alaska
  • 2. Rhode Island
  • 3. New Jersey 
  • 4. Oklahoma
  • 5. Arkansas
  • 6. Illinois 
  • 7. Wisconsin
  • 8. Montana
  • 9. Vermont
  • 10. Michigan

Here are the Alaska numbers to make number 1 on the list...27 drinks per week, with a total on 1404 for the year. I mean, what else is there to do in Alaska I guess?

A scary number having to do with the 2020 pandemic year, 20% of people last year turned to drinks to deal with unemployment.

Let's define the term "heavy drinking" you can maybe do a self evaluation...Heavy drinking is defined as 14 drinks per week for men, and 7 drinks a week for men. A "drink" is 12 ounces of beer and 5 ounces of wine and 1.5 of hard liquor.

So cheers, Illinois. Be responsible if you can and hopefully we can have some local events to have a drink at, soon.


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