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As Valentine's Day quickly approaches this weekend, are you ready? By ready I mean have you set a budget in your head and/or picked up what you need to pick up? Don't fall for the "I don't need a gift" line, it's a trap.

Is there a right and wrong amount of money to spend on Valentine's Day? Is this a holiday that put up there with Christmas and a birthday when you think about the amount of money you are going to spend?

OPPLOANS says the "average across the country" for Valentine's spending is $33.64 and us Illinois people are right about that dollar amount. If you do a dinner and flowers, you're over $100 for sure. If you take the cheap route and go nuts with a heart shaped box of chocolates, you could get by with only dropping $20 or less. Then there's the  jewelry purchase, man oh man such choices!


Of course you are going to get something, and writing a poem to save money won't work...unless it's while you are eating steak. Doing "chores" or putting a little extra effort into cleaning is a bonus. Not a gift, c'mon man!

O.K., what say you...Valentine's Day 2021, what kind of green are you dropping to say "I love you."

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