No ride home? No problem! This dude was ready for a jail break, or hospital break...

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No one likes an extended stay in the hospital, and I mean no one. This guy from New Lenox, IL had enough with his hospital stay but had a huge ride home.


O.K., this isn't your "fell out of a tree rescuing a kitty" story...or maybe a "sliced a finger cutting an apple" hospital story...this dude is messed up. SG

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Ross Crampton was transported to the hospital after barricading himself inside a residence for about five hours. Once cops were able to get him out, they took him to the hospital for a psychological evaluation.

Mr. Crampton hung out at the hospital until about 5am and then saw his opening...I'm gonna done steals me an ambulance and go home. That's what he did, oh boy.

The unsuspecting hospital folks realized there was a missing ambulance and went on the GPS to find it. Mr. Ross Crampton drove it to a buddies house, about three miles from the hospital...and parked it.

So you are taken to a hospital for a psychological evaluation, you leave the hospital on your own and STEAL an ambulance, only to park it three miles away at a friends house? "Hey dude, check out my new ride..."

Well, Mr. Crampton's dramatic escape didn't last all that long. He was arrested at the friends house a short time afterwards, and charged with auto theft.

So barricaded for five hours, hauled away to hospital, breaks out of hospital and steals ambulance, arrested three miles away for auto theft. That's a good weekend.

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