Shoplifting has become a huge problem in Illinois so it's good to see one of these thieves getting arrested for trying to steal from a popular hardware store.

Shoplifter Arrested In Illinois

The incident happened at the Home Depot store in Oak Brook Terrace. The shoplifter walked into the popular hardware store earlier this week just before lunchtime. He headed back to the flooring section. The suspect piled twenty-five cases worth $1,700 onto a cart and headed for the exit.

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The thief completely avoided the cash registers and went straight for the exit. The store security stopped him before he could walk out the door. When questioned about the merchandise, the suspect showed the employees a fake receipt. They immediately realized it was not real. The man flew out the door and started running down the street. He did leave the stolen merchandise behind.

Police crime scene
Illinois Shoplifter Arrested

The store security called the police about the stolen flooring. They were able to track him down just a few blocks from the store. After getting arrested, the suspect gave the police a fake ID. His bad moves keep adding up. This wasn't the shoplifter's first rodeo.

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This guy already had multiple charges against him for previous thefts in Crown Point, Indiana, and Cook County. There was even a warrant out for his arrest. The suspect even gave the cops a fake ID. Because of the previous charges, he was considered a flight risk and not given bail.

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"I thank the employees of Home Depot for their attention to their surroundings as well as the Oak Brook Terrace Police Department for their quick response once alerted to the situation," DuPage County State's Attorney Robert Berlin said in a statement.

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