This Sunday a dog from Illinois will participate in the Puppy Bowl.

For most sports fans, especially ones who enjoy football. The Super Bowl is must-see TV. Their viewing usually starts early in the day with all the special pre-game coverage. It will last through the post-game coverage with most folks staying up way too late on a school night.

Even for casual fans or people that just do not care about sports or football, this is the one game a year that they will check out. Mostly for the party and hanging with friends. They are involved for all the tasty food. Some just like the commercials. Others are all about the half-time show. I have friends who are all in for the gambling. No matter what the reason, their television will be tuned into the game.

Even though it seems like everyone will be tuning in, of course, not everybody does. Other channels will go with counterprogramming. That means they will play shows completely the opposite of the big game. Maybe, an original movie marathon on the Lifetime Network.

Some fans just do not appreciate the entertainment during the game's half-time concert. Some competing networks have tried to take advantage of that. Through the years, they have thrown on special Super Bowl episodes. They will even have a timer in the corner of the screen to let the fans know when it is time to turn back to the game. It has actually worked. Programs like Beavis and Butthead, Lingerie Bowl, In Living Color, and WWE have been really successful.

One of the biggest is the Puppy Bowl. It is an annual game shown on Animal Planet. This year it will be played before the actual Super Bowl. It is set-up like the real game with the puppies chasing after balls. The set looks just like a football game and stadium. Besides all that fun, there is an important event that takes place during the show. They feature dogs that are available for adoption and looking for families to join. Overall, it is worth checking out. Plus, it is great for the whole family to watch.

This year, there is an Illinois connection and actually not too far from Rockford.

According to,

"One senior dog from Young At Heart Senior Pet Adoptions in Woodstock will be featured in the chewable challenge. Illinois' own Scoobert, from Woodstock, is an 8-year-old boxer mix who, despite having some medical needs, has a special zest for life. Scoobert will be one of the stars of the "Pup Close and Personal" segment."

For info about the adoption center, HERE.

To find out details about the Puppy Bowl, HERE.

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