Cows cause an after school traffic jam in Wisconsin.

As a kid, I either walked or took the bus to school. Well, until my friends and I had our driver's licenses. The distance was pretty far but my parents were both at work so I did not have much of a choice.

Luckily, when my daughter starting going to school, we could arrange it so my wife dropped her off in the morning and I would pick her up in the afternoon. I really did enjoy doing it. Now, that she is in college, I miss those days.

There was only one thing that I did not like about either the school drop off or pick up. That was the traffic. I swear parents forgot how to drive, the rules of the road, and how to be courteous to others. It was basically a free for all demolition derby style. I witnessed plenty of accidents.

The littlest thing would send the area into a complete frenzy. If there was bad weather, look out because it was going to take a lot longer to get through the whole process.

I remember one day when my daughter was in middle school, there was a huge traffic jam. Even bigger than usual. The problem was a bunch of geese. They decided to cross the street at an inconvenient time. That caused extreme chaos. Cars and people everywhere. The sound of multiple horns filling the air. It took several minutes to get everyone back on track.

I didn't think it could much worse than that but of course, we don't live in Wisconsin where strange things are known to happen.

According to,

"Only in Wisconsin will you see cows walking along the side of the road, it seems. That's what parents waiting to pick up their children from Swallow School in Hartland witnessed Jan. 7, as they saw brown spotted cows walking along County Road E. Only in Wisconsin would this be the reason for an end-of-the-day traffic jam at school."

Check out some video of the situation from the Swallow School Facebook page...

The animals had escaped from a nearby farm. The school staff was able to lead the cows out of the way and get traffic moving again. Everyone remained calm, so that helped the incident.

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