This MOMMY has been labeled by Illinois police, "the worst drunk driving arrest ever." NYPOST

When Illinois Police arrested Tasha Schleicher back in 2018, it came with it's own label...and this wasn't a label to be proud of.

Young exhausted wasted woman waking up suffering headache and hangover after drinking alcohol lying on bed sick and miserable still drunk
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“One of the worst impaired driving arrests

our agency has ever made.” - Illinois Police

Hot damn, Tasha...what's going on with you? Apparently a lot! Where to start with this one...

Richard Nelson

Tasha was found passed out behind the wheel, the car was was running. She was hammered, blotzed, toasted, drunk AF, she was done. What was in the passenger seat next to "Toasted Tasha?" An open bottle of Crown Royal.

Drunk Driving
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The extremely intoxicated Tasha complete with bloodshot eyes, told the arresting officer that she has 11 kids...and was unable to find them. Wait, what? You drink a bottle of Crown Royal, get in your car to go for a drive, pass out, and LOSE YOUR KIDS? But wait, there's more!


Cops later figured out that she was six DUI's deep...and she lost five of her kids following her last DUI. Wait, so that means there's still six kids out there somewhere?

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During the arrest she told officers she was "experiencing a miscarriage." So when she was taken to the hospital and given a pregnancy test. She was not preggo...Oops.

So what was the "worst drunk driver in Illinois history" busted for?

Felony aggravated drunken driving

Misdemeanor drunken driving

No vehicle insurance

Driving while license revoked for drunken driving

Transportation of open alcohol while driving


Oh and the six DUI' six different states. Damn, mom.


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Say cheese, Illinois!

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