Colleges in Illinois could be offering marijuana education programs sometime in the near future.

I could just picture the situation. I go away to college. When I come home for winter break, I head to my grandma's house for Christmas. Somebody asks me "what's your major." My answer is Agriculture with an emphasis on cannabis or maybe Marketing with a minor in marijuana.

Yeah, that wouldn't over gone over very well back then. Now, it's very different. Recreational weed will soon be legal in Illinois. Pot is big business, so it would only make sense to educate students about how to turn it into a career, not just a hobby.

According to,

"Some community colleges and four-year universities in Illinois are exploring the possibility of launching educational programs to train people in the business of growing and marketing marijuana in light of a new state law legalizing adult-use recreational marijuana."

Sounds like a great opportunity.


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