A new Illinois pot law went into place in 2016, depending where you live in Illinois it may be different.


The law passed last year states people caught with 10 grams or less of pot will be issued  fines ranging $100 to $200. In the past, possession of the same amount was handed up to six months in jail and fines around $1,500.

So now there is this, according to Fox 32 depending on the community you live it the fine may be different. The new legislation allows local communities to set their own dollar amounts for marijuana fines. Examples in Illinois include from $50 in Urbana to as high as $1,000 in Normal, IL.

Around 200 communities have adopted their own ordinances for marijuana possession in Illinois.

In Rockford it is $75-$100 fine. Do you think the Rockford fines are too high or too low? I said high.




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