Welcome back kids, hope you enjoyed your time away from studies. Now it's time to buckle down and burn a penis into the ceiling...for the love of art.


You drank yourself to sleep in a cheap hotel, but now it's time to keep it real.

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Illinois resident George Sotos burned or torched or lit or a dorm ceiling at the University of Iowa’s Slater Hall, in the name of creativity. Or in the name of, "hey bro, that looks like my wiener."

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The lengths that some will go for "art" or something...SG


Sotos ADMITTED "to burning a penis shape into the ceiling tile." O.K. so instead of a Sharpie, maybe spray paint. how about a freakin' pen...let's use a LIGHTER to burn a drawing into a HIGHLY FLAMABLE ceiling tile. This could have easily set the entire dorm of fire.

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Dorm life is all about being stupid, some pranks, maybe drink a little too much and spend $37 at Taco Bell...Bro, this is arson. Obviously mom and dad are super proud. It actually took him two days to complete his masterpiece.

The young Illinois lad was charged with reckless use of fire and explosives. This came with a $2000 bond, which any normal college kid DOESN'T have.

The police report is pretty rich, check this out:


"The reporting party located a design in the shape of a penis, burnt/melted into the ceiling tile. The defendant admitted it would be possible that he caused damage." - Johnson County, Iowa

It was his buddy that ratted him out in this bizarre situation, glad that he did that could have caused serious damage.

Penis shaped lighter art, that's a new one for me! I'll stick to crayons.

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