When you wanna do a family day trip on the cheap, there is an Illinois city that is one of the cheapest in America...and it's LESS THAN 90 minutes from Rockford.  LIFEHACKER

Taking time to do things with family, that's what life is all about. Buying a gift, something that could be shoved aside to collect dust...who cares. Do things, make memories, go on an adventure...Take a DAY TRIP. Now add in the fact that your day trip won't break the bank, that's good stuff right there.

On this list of the "50 Cheapest Day Trips to Take Across the USA" I have to admit that I was pretty shocked to read this cities name. I have always though of this Illinois city as one with giant homes, expensive tastes, and a place that would require a lot of money to be at. I apparently was really wrong.

Naperville, Illinois. Seriously???

Located less than an hour outside of Chicago, Naperville is a wonderful option for eschewing the bustle of the big city in lieu of a low-key afternoon. You can take a free stroll through their sculpture gardens, or come in on a Thursday and you can catch a free concert from the Naperville Municipal Band in Central Park. Stop by in early September and you’ll be able to catch the Naperville Independent Film Festival. - Lifehacker

Ever seen some of those houses in Naperville, whoa. But if you are looking at a location for a day trip that has a lot of the word "free" attached to it, Naperville is it!

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