How small is it...these towns that is. These 10 towns in Illinois are SO SMALL...if you blink you'll miss them! CityData

Growing up in a small town, I always thought where I lived was SO small. But a population of 20,000+ if a pretty big place when you look at THIS top ten list. These are places that have a lot less than 1000, like in the 200's. Talk about knowing your neighbor...Every freakin' neighbor. There's no getting away with anything in these places.

When most people think of locations, towns, cities in Illinois it's Chicago, Springfield, Joliet, etc. But all of these are pretty good sized locations. These 10 I'm going to list are small, so small...How small? Let's take a look:

Hooppole - 201 (the spelling is huge)

Shumway - 201 (the small way)

Spillertown - 202 (spilled out all the people)

Buncombe - 205 (that's a funny one)

Donnellson - 205 (only the Donnellson family lives here)

Keensburg - 205 (Keen on small town life)

Norris - 206 (Chuck and family)

Batchtown - 208 ( a batch, or a little more than a bakers dozen)

New Minden - 208 (Old Minden was huge by the way)

Adair - 210 (I got nothing)

Whether you are a village, a town, or perhaps a gathering of folks with a gas station, a bar, and a church...According to Wiki you are called "Downstate Illinois." Um, ok? What the heck does that mean? Funny you should ask:

Downstate Illinois refers to the part of the U.S. state of Illinois south or outside of the Chicago metropolitan area, which is in the northeast corner of the state and has been dominant in state history, politics, and culture. - Wiki 


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