The city of Springfield, Illinois ordered a port-a-potty to be put outside of the public library.

If you've ever parked in a public garage in downtown Rockford, I'm sure you've smelled the stench of urine. I guess sometimes, you have to go and there aren't any facilities available.

I think this city has the right solution.

According to,

"The city of Springfield has placed a rented portable toilet outside the city-owned Lincoln Library for use by homeless people who are often in that area."

"The city is paying the $150 rent, and the toilet is expected to be in place for a trial period of 30 days. It is serviced on weekdays, is accessible to those with disabilities and contains a hand-sanitizing station on the inside."


“People have requested to see if another port-a-potty would make a difference, so for 30 days, we can see if people see a difference, or if any of the issues are still occurring.”

Hopefully, there is enough bathrooms location there now.


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