After yesterdays sign I shared (see above) I was contacted by Savannah Kate's with some older signs to share! This place speaks it's mind on a daily basis...Grab a cold one, do what you gotta do and don't forget to check out the daily message.

Savannah Kate's is located in Red Bud, Illinois and this local business doesn't hold back when it comes to political messages! Now we aren't saying we agree or disagree with these signs, that doesn't really matter anyway. This is purely for entertainment purposes, your entertainment!

It is YOUR RIGHT as a business owner to display your own thoughts and messages, so simply if you do not like these...don't look at them.

Savannah Kate's is a one stop shop in Red Bud, Illinois. Grab a drink, a drink to go, play some slots, and check out their daily message, wow! It's time to look through some older signs from Savannah Kate's and have a good laugh.

O.K. well here goes some more signs, enjoy!


Pretty straight to the point, I actually had to explain this one once...Good times.


There's this one...


The rhyming is a nice touch...


Ouch!!! They don't hold back do they??

Nick Horrell
Nick Horrell

...and finally the one that started it all for us.

Thanks again to Nick for sharing these photo's, you sure don't hold back.

Red Bud, Illinois is located four hours and 46 minutes south oh Rockford, Illinois...Not too far from St. Louis.


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