I know many people who are afraid to visit Chicago because of all the robberies and this latest group of crime sprees definitely supports that point.

Massive Increase In Crime For Illinois And Chicago

I will be the first to admit that Illinois has a serious crime issue, especially in Chicago. The numbers are going through the roof. Residents are afraid the head into the big city with the fear of getting robbed. These criminals have become a huge problem and there doesn't seem to be any relief in sight anytime soon.

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Are Illinois Thieves Trying To Break A World Record?

The one crime that I read the most about in Illinois is robberies. They are happening throughout the state all the time. It almost seems like the thieves in Chicago are trying to break some sort of crime world record. You'll have to check out these statistics because you'll definitely agree with me after reading them.

Record-Breaking Crime Spree In Illinois
Record-Breaking Crime Spree In Illinois

Stats For Current Crime Sprees In Illinois

  • Sunday 11/26: 14 robberies in 3 hours
  • Friday 11/24 (Black Friday): 10 robberies in 6 1/2 hours
  • Thursday 11/23 (Thanksgiving): 12 robberies in 1 hour
  • Over 3 days, that's 36 total robberies in 10 1/2 hours (if that isn't a world record, I would be shocked).

According to nbcchicago.com,

Police said in each robbery, the offenders exited a Black Audi, pointed guns against the victims' heads and demanded personal property.


In four of the robberies, the victims were beaten by the suspects, according to Chicago police, a victim was shot in one of the incidents.

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