Look we're all in this together, so let's not do this if we have to go out to the store.

Litter in the parking lot of Walmart on Northridge.
Litter in the parking lot of Walmart on Northridge.

You shouldn't be a litterbug anyway, but now especially. I get it if you feel safer shopping wearing gloves and a mask, but please dispose of them properly.

The workers that are currently keeping these stores open and stocked to the best of their abilities are doing the best they can and shouldn't have to pick up after you as well.

I took the above picture on Friday afternoon at Walmart closes to my house and then someone else took to Facebook with a PSA of their own about the mess they saw at Woodman's.

We're gonna get through this! But please don't make it worse by throwing your used gloves and other garbage all over the parking lot when you finished shopping.

Look for a trash can or just keep them in a plastic bag in your car and dispose of it when you get home with your groceries.

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