Opening a new business comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Photo - Tom Grimes
Photo - Tom Grimes

When planning out opening a new business in Rockford, there is so much that goes into it. From location, the proper finances, hiring good employees, and the all important decision of what do you call it.

I was send this picture of a boat dock location with a fantastic name. So it got me thinking, if you could open your very own place in Rockford what would you call it?

  • Joe Bernadzikowski (A friend of Tina's)  A Polish and Mexican infused taco place, "Polako's Tacos"
  • Tina Fox  - A bar called the 5th Ward. New Orleans style beer bar
  • Wyatt Elliot - Notebook Entertainment film studio
  • Double T - "Double T's Beachwear"
  • Kevin McCarthy -  Of course, I want to open up my White Castle franchise. I can't come up with anything of a serious demeanor. So.....a business called "Sound Off". You come into the office, sit down as I listen to the person bitch, moan and complain. Charge them a fee. No advice given back. I will thank them for their business and ask them to come again.






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