The Illinois Department of Transportation has purchased two drones, are they watching us?


The next time you are driving on one of our amazing roadways in Illinois, if you happen to see a drone flying above you don't be alarmed.

Maybe this will make people slow down, or simply drive safer. Knowing that big brother/IDOT is watching your every move is kind of creepy to be honest.

Now according to WIFR the IDOT drones were purchased to keep an eye on bridges, and document progress in work zones. They can even be used to inform the public about construction sites.

But let's get to the meat and taters of this story, IDOT is watching you. If the Illinois Department of Transportation wants to know where you are, how fast you drive and where you are going now they will know.

Just another example of how everything that we say or do, is being monitored. I am no conspiracy theory dude but come on. The highway has cameras, and now they have eyes in the skies.