A recent study has found you can identify pot smokers by the way they look.

When I think of the quintessential stoner, immediately Cheech and Chong pop in my head.

Is it because they look a certain way?

Without actually knowing someone, should I be able to tell if they are a pot smoker just by looking at them?

According to civilized.life.com,

"A new study published in in the journal Substance Use & Misuse found that people were more likely to correctly identify that a person in a photograph was a marijuana user than incorrectly guessing they did not use cannabis. Basically, if someone in a photograph is a stoner, people usually knew it."

“The present results provide evidence that individuals can discriminate between cannabis users and nonusers based on appearance alone,” the study said. “This ability is consistent regardless of the raters’ user status or gender, and age of the target.”

How did people figure out if someone was a marijuana user?

  • 50% Eyes (red or glossy)
  • 29% Age
  • 25% Facial Expression
  • 20% Smile
  • 13% Hair
  • 8.5% Gender (usually picked men over women)

If you think you're a secret pothead, there's a very good chance that people know the truth.


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