McLean County, Bloomington-Normal Illinois was the location of a $3 Million cocaine bust! 25NewsNow

Handcuffs and cocaine on black background.

Illinois State Police hit the "motherload" with this drug bust.

“Could be one of the largest cocaine busts ever in McLean County.” - Illinois State Police

A traffic stop was performed on I-55, pulling over an RV with out of town license plates...this can't be good. The vehicle did not have mud flaps and the man driving had a suspended vehicle registration.

Zxc, Wikimedia Commons
Zxc, Wikimedia Commons

Cesar Perez is from California, and was pulled over driving this RV. K-9 was called to the scene and the dog found cocaine, and LOTS of it....ready to be moved and sold.

Individual packages of cocaine were found ready for sale and distribution in kilo vacuum sealed bricks. There was a total weight of about 76 pounds of cocaine. That equals 34,485.7 grams, and a street value of over $3 Million!


Cesar told police that he was heading to "Northern Illinois" to drop the cocaine off at a warehouse...hmm. I wonder exactly WHERE the RV and all the blow was heading for in Northern Illinois.

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Cesar also waived his Miranda rights, and admitted knowledge of the cocaine in his RV. If he is found guilty, get this...Cesar Perez could face 180 years in prison. Yikes! His bond was set at $1,000,000...with Cesar paying 10% of that, he could be a free man...For the time being.

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