I don't think Aldeen Golf Club in Rockford will allow this kind of golf cart activity to happen on their course.

Unlike most sports, the game of golf has a certain etiquette that the players must follow. It ranges from how you dress, to how you act on the course, and to respecting the game itself. Any shenanigans are strongly frowned about.

Last week I was at the Rockford Cosmopolitan Golf Outing at Forest Hills Country Club. It was a great example of how golf should be played. They proved that the game can be honored, but you still can have fun.

I think the major problem happens during play days when a couple of times a year player gets behind the wheel of a golf cart. They don't realize that it's not a go-cart track. There are rules that should be followed.

I've been to events where people have gotten out of control with carts and there has been some serious trouble.

I found this video on YouTube. It was filmed on a golf course in Canada.

Video: Golf Cart Beer Body Surf

According to upi.com,

"A few buddies and I were golfing at one of the local courses, the group ahead of us were moving very slow so while we were waiting on them I came up with the idea," the uploader wrote. "We took a few practice laps down the fairway then got out the beers and camera and made this masterpiece."

I don't suggest trying this stunt at any of the Rockford golf courses. Not only would you get kicked off the course, I wouldn't doubt that the police would be called.

Remember this happened in Canada. Things are a little different up there.


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