Minus the rainy days lately, the golfers have been out locally.

Renault Twizy

I drive by a local golf course every night, and recently it has been packed. When the weather starts to turn even the slightest, golfers get that itch to get out and swing the clubs.

The Rockford area is filled amazing golf courses that are really well taken care of. The hours that go into making each local course unique and fun, are endless. The last thing you want as a golf course owner is some tool tearing up your golf course in a cart.

Steering Clear - Keep your cart away from tee boxes, also about 30 feet away from the greens.

Turf Care -  No sharp turns or sudden stops on the turf.

Player Awareness - Don't drive your cart in front of other players in your group or another group.

90-Degree Rule - When the course is wet, carts are allowed on the fairway but they must maintain a 90-degree angle from the cart path.

Around the Back - Respect the group behind you, drive the golf cart around the back of the green before putting.



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