Going "off the grid" what a concept, that seems nearly impossible these days. Here's one location in Wisconsin, that will "take you" off the grid...the rest is up to you. Only

Solar power, miles away from your nearest neighbor, surrounded by acres and acres of forest. The fact of the matter is, your cell service...your WiFI, probably not gonna work out for you too well. Tell the family and loved ones that you are "going off the grid" and pause social media for a weekend...Could you do it? Can you go a day or two without Facebook? I dare you to go off the grid while in this Wisconsin town over the weekend.

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Hayward, Wisconsin is the name of the town. Sure they have stores, and shops, and restaurants, but there's locations that you can for sure disappear and get lost for awhile.

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Originally a "logging town" Hayward, WI is surrounded by the 858,400-acre "Chequamegon National Forest." You have lakes, you have canoeing and fishing, and yourself...and a guest.

"Hayward, pop. 2,300, is a destination where wild forests deliver endless opportunities for outdoor recreation and quiet relaxation – it’s a place where you can truly get away from it all, but still enjoy a few creature comforts –  if you’re craving a latte with a side of WiFi back in town." Ben Johnson/Only in Your State


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