After traveling into Chicago for the Cubs game, I thought I-90 seems to be getting a bit better.

Aleksandra Glustsenko

Little did I know, that I-90 was going to be getting "smarter". Could you imagine I-90 with a lane for smart cars, as in no drivers? The future is here and it's kinda terrifying.

O.K. so let's talk the not to distant future for I-90. According to Rock River Times Smart Technology is coming to I-90.

This technology includes signs that will let drivers know of traffic delays and accidents that are close by. So if you are driving along and there is a fender bender a few miles up, the sign will let you know so you can use an off ramp to go around the delay.

Now here is the one that freaks me out. With this new "Smart" technology, the next step is to create driverless cars using smart technology possible. So as you are going into the city for a Cubs or Bears game, there will be a special lane with cars that have no drivers? George Jetson just called and said you're welcome.



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