Summer is here and the deck parties in the Rockford area are in full swing.

Mug of beer


Whether you are hanging with good friends on a deck with Double T on Friday nights, or enjoying the outdoor vibe with the family afternoon on a Sunday afternoon, make sure to tip.

The outdoor atmosphere in the Rockford area is incredible. There are so many great establishments that offer scenic and beautiful outdoor eating and drinking.  Your wait staff is really working it this summer and the tips are what keep them going. Maybe your waiter is a kid ready to jet off to college for the first time and could really use the extra cash.

So as you are enjoying a few cold beers out on a deck this summer here are some rules to tipping. According to Vinepair here is a Drink Tipping Cheat Sheet:


  • Bottle Beers or Draft Beer:  $1-2
  • Shots: $1 per shot up to 4 shots. Add an additional $1 per shot after the 4th.
  • Shot and a beer: $1-2
  • Spirits: $1-3
  • Basic Cocktail: $1-3
  • Craft Beer: $3
  • Wine by the Glass: $1-2

Drink up, be safe and take care of those that take care of you.



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